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1915 - 1940: Small Boats


Class Lead Boat Number Year Comments Pictures
26' Beebe-McLellan Type Pulling/Sailing Surfboat       Designed by LT McLellan, USRM, and Frederick Beebe
Replaced all previous designs
26' with 3 or 4 thwarts for 6 or 8 oars, double banked
Clinker built - Sprit sailing rig with jib and sprit sail
Self bailing but not self righting
27' Beebe Type Motor Surfboat       27' Beebe pulling boats converted by adding a 12 hp gasoline engine
Capable of about 8 knots
26' Beebe-McLellan Type Motor Surfboat       One 26' pulling boat was converted as an experiment
Almost all others were built new with the engine


Class Lead Boat Number Year Comments Model
36' McLellan Type E Motor Lifeboat   46 1908 First US lifeboat designed from the beginning to incorporate a motor in the stern
Designed by now-CAPT McLellan, USRM
Capable of about 10 knots
Not capable of being rowed but retained the two sailing masts for emergency use
The boats were named in addition to numbered - the only MLBs so honored
Remained the standard motor lifeboat until replaced by the Type H in 1919
36' Hunnewell Type H Motor Lifeboat   76 1919 First motor lifeboat designed by the Coast Guard
The Coast Guard centralized all small boat construction at the depot at Arundel Cove
which is now called the Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay
Incorporated several imrovements to the Type E boats
Engine moved to midships and rudder moved forward of tiller
Retained the oars and sails
Capable of 9 knots
Remained inservice until replaced by the Type T in 1929
36' Hansen Type T Motor Lifeboat   27 1928 Incorporated improvements to the Type H
Partially enclosed cockpit
Capable of 9 knots and a range of 280 nautical miles
36' Type TR Motor Lifeboat   72 1931 Modified Type T
TR = Type T, Revised
52' Wooden Hull Motor Lifeboat   2 1935 Stationed in the Pacific Northwest
Named Invincible and Triumph
Invincible was transferred to the Navy in 1967
Triumph was lost in a rescue attempt in 1961
36' Type TRS Motor Lifeboat   130 1937 Modified Type TR
TRS = Type T, Revised, Simplified
The last Type TRS was retired in 1987

Utility Boats

Class Lead Boat Number Year Comments Model
36' Picket Boat   103 1925 Built to enforce Prohibition
Built as either single cabin or double cabin
Out of service after WWII - Replaced by the 40 foot UTB
38' Picket Boat   500+ 1920 Built to enforce Prohibition
Sturdier than the smaller 36s
Direct forerunner to the 41s

Cutter Boats

Class Lead Boat Number Year Comments Model
26' Monomoy Type Pulling/Sailing Surfboat       26' Monomoy shoreside surfboat built with a carvel hull
and used as the standard cutter boat