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Post 2000: Small Boats


Class Lead Boat Number Year Comments Model
52' Wooden Hull Motor Lifeboat   2 1935 Stationed in the Pacific Northwest
Named Invincible and Triumph
Invincible was transferred to the Navy in 1967
Triumph was lost in a rescue attempt in 1961
36' Type TRS Motor Lifeboat   130 1937 Modified Type TR
TRS = Type T, Revised, Simplified
The last Type TRS was retired in 1987
52' Steel Hull Motor Lifeboat   4 1956 Designed to replace the wooden hulled 52s
Victory, Invincible, Triupmh II, and Intrepid
Still in service
44' Motor Lifeboat   110 1963 Probably one of the most llegendary boats to serve coastal SAR in the US
Built at the Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, MD
Capable of 14 knots with a 164 nautical mile range
Coast Guard crews speek if the 44 with reverence in their voice
Adopted by at least 10 other nations as their primary SAR boat
CG 44301 was the last 44 in service - Retired from Chatham in 2010
47' Motor Lifeboat   100 1991 Designed to replace the venerable but aging 44
Current near shore SAR boat
Capable of 23 knots
Can operate in 20 foot seas and 20 foot surf

Utility Boats

Class Lead Boat Number Year Comments Model
36' Picket Boat   103 1925 Built to enforce Prohibition
Built as either single cabin or double cabin
Out of service after WWII - Replaced by the 40 foot UTB
38' Picket Boat   500+ 1920 Built to enforce Prohibition
Sturdier than the smaller 36s
Direct forerunner to the 41s
38' DUKW     1944 Built for the Army in WWII for amphibious warfare
Coast Guard used them in heavy surf and for flood relief
Additional units built in CG Yard
Suffered from high maintenance costs
All units disposed of by 1970
30' Utility Boat     1950 Replaced the aging 36' Picket Boats in inland/near shore waters
Built at the Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, MD
Steel hulls
Served into the 70s - Replaced by the 41' UTB
40' Utility Boat (40-Boats) 40369 331 1950 Replaced the aging 38' Picket Boats and 30' Motor Rescue Boats
Built at the Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, MD
Early boats were wood, most were steel, the last ones were fiberglass
Capable of 20 knots with a range of 380 miles in moderate seas
The Mark IV was capable of carrying 20 survivors or 5,000 lbs. of cargo
Served into the late 1970s - Replaced by the 41' UTB
35' Land Amphibious Rescue Craft (LARC)   27 1963 Designed for the Army as a replacement for the WWII era DUKW amphibious vehicles
35 mph on land and 9 knots underway
Could handle 10 foot surf and climb a 60 percent grade
Extremely hig maintenance limited their use
Out of service by the 1980s
26' Motor Surfboat 253301 117 1969 Shore-stationed version of the 26' shipboard MSB
Development of the 30' Surf Rescue Boat was behind schedule
As a temporary measure, 17 cutter-based MSBs were modifies with cabins
They served until the SRBs were in service
38' Air Cushion Vehicle 38101 3 1970 Evaluated for use - not accepted into service  
31' Port Security Boat 31001 28 1970 Built at the Coast Guard yard in Curtis Bay
Fiberglass construction
Equipped with a 250 gal/min fire pump
41' UTB 41300 156 1973 Replaced the aging 30 and 40 boats
Built at the Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, MD
Capable of 26 knots and operating in heavy seas
Proved to be a rugged utility boat for all but fast law enforvement
Currently showing their age- limited to 8' waves and 30 knot winds
Being replaced by the 25'
32' Ports and Waterways Boat 32301 50 1976 Built in response to the Port and Waterways Act of 1973
Fiberglass construction
Built for fire fighting and pollution investigation
Out of service by 2000
30' Surf Rescue Boat 30201 20 1986 Designed for near shore SAR in heavy seas and surf  
43' Coastal Interceptor 43501 5 1987 Designed as a high speed law enforcement boat
Not very fuel efficient
Retired by 2000
25' Transportable Port Security Boat     1997 Capable of 40 knots  
25' Defender Class   457 2002 Developed in response to the need for Homeland Security assets after 9/11
Capable of 45 knots and highly maneuverable
Can survive in 10 foot seas
45' Response Boat Medium   180 2008 Replaced the 41s  

Cutter Boats

Class Lead Boat Number Year Comments Model
26' Monomoy Type Pulling/Sailing Surfboat       26' Monomoy shoreside surfboat built with a carvel hull
and used as the standard cutter boat
26' Motor Surfboat   206 1960 Standard cutter boat that replaced the 26' pulling Monomoy surfboat  
21' Over-the-Horizon Boat     2008 Cutter boats  
36' Long Range Interceptor     2008 Cutter boats  
25' Short Range Prosecutor     2008 Cutter boats