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The Website

This website is designed to provide three things.
A brief historical overview of the Coast Guard and it cutters and aircraft
a complete list of all cutters and aircraft that served the Coast Guard
and a database of models of Coast Guard subjects available on the market

The History

The Coast Guard by Era
presents brief summaries of Coast Guard history in different eras.
Each historical brief links to cutters and aircraft of that era.

Famous Cutters
presents a list of famous Coast Guard cutters and famous ships that once served the Coast Guard
You will have several "THAT was a Coast Guard Cutter??" reactions in this page

Queens of the Fleet
presents a list of the Oldest Cutter in the Fleet
Crowned Queen of the Fleet
and authorized to wear Gold Hull Numbers

Classification Schemes
describes the classification schemes used by the Coast Guard for its cutters and aircraft through the years

A Page From the Cutter Paint and Color Manual
A Page From the AIrcraft Paint and Color Manual
describe the paint schemes used by the Coast Guard through the years
These pages also give the FSN for the current paints
and some suggestions for which paints to use

is self axplanatory

The Cutters/Aircraft List

If you have no real interest in Coast Guard history (why not??)
But just want to get to know the cutters and aircraft

Cutters by Era
Aircraft by Era
present lists of every cutter class and aircraft that served in the Coast Guard by era
If you want to know every cutter or aircraft that served in WWII, these are your pages
The cutter page shows the Class, Lead Ship, Number in Class, Class IOC, and Comments
The aircraft page shows the manufacturer, designation, name, IOC, number in service, and comments
If pictures exist, a link is provided
Most pctures come from the CG Historian, Nav Source, or CG Aviation History Page
If a model exists, a link to the model database is provided
If I have built the model, a link to my pictures is provided
If someone else has built the model, a link is provide

Cutters by Type
Aircraft by TMS
present lists of every cutter by class and aircraft by MS that served in the Coast Guard by type
If you want to see a list of every Coast Guard tug or every aircraft built by Grumman, these are your pages
The same information and links are provided as in the Era pages

Model Database

If you really do not care anything about the classes of cutters or aircraft
but just want to see what models are on the market
Cutter Models

Aircraft Models
Other Models
is where you want to be
These pages present models of Coast Guard subjects
The pages show the manufacturer, medium (styrene, resin, etc), scale, and manufacturers number (if known)
If the model is available, a link to the manufacturer is provided (still working on aircraft links)
"Other" models include lighthouses, NASCAR cars, Beach Patrols, and Port Security Teams


A few companies market "Coast Guard" models of ships or aircraft the Service never used
Questionable Authenticity
presents some of these imposters


I did not take ANY of the pictures other than of my own models
I claim NO honor for their high definition
nor accept ANY blame for their low definition
I am only providing a link

I have linked pictures of models I have built solely for your viewing pleasure.
I will be the first to admit that I am what is known as a 3-foot modeler.
If you look at my models from closer than 3 feet away, you are far too close.
Even though I research my models, I build them for my own enjoyment and to share them with my friends.
To me (and most of my friends) the term "serious modeling" is an oxymoron.
Please do your own research and do NOT assume my models are "The Way" the subjects are supposed to look.
I guarantee in many cases you will interpret my research documents differently.

Change History

3 December 2009 - Original Publication
17 January 2010 - Complete overhaul
11 February 2010 - Added pictures of completed models
11 February 2010 - Added models suggested by aaronw and Dave V
10 April 2010 - Added card models of lighthouses thanks to Lee Anne
20 August 2010 - Migrated away from Angelfire
20 August 2010 - Added new ship models from Battlefleet and Niko
20 August 2010 - Added new aircraft suggested by LCDR Bill Csisar
20 August 2010 - Restructured cutter database by era
20 August 2010 - Added Coast Guard art links
1 October 2011 - Total makeover
Added PT Dockyard and Neptun - Added picture links - Corrected some errors


Tip of the hat: I got the idea for this site from Bill Michaels (USCGA - 81) whose data form the core of this database.
I took his good idea and expanded it a little.

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